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Vs: 1                     Such a long time ago, back when I didn’t know,

                                                            All that I know today

                                                            And when I look back, down that long track

                                                           It’s easy to see what I’d say

Cho: 1                  Momma, you gave me the world

                                                            There are things I wish you could see

                                                            Like Phil and the boys, and the way it’s turned out

                                                            For my brothers, my Lady, and me

Cho: 2                  Momma, you gave me the world

                                                            You gave me the grace to live through

                                                            All my hopes and my dreams, everyday schemes

                                                            To discover what you always knew

Vs: 2      Why did I leave, why did I go

                                             I had to, I think you know

                                             Time for myself, to rescue the elf

                                             Make some trouble, find myself

Cho: 3                  Momma, you gave me the world

                                                            Now I know how Time disappears

                                                            One more moment to share to find us both there

                                                            If I only could turn back the years

Cho: 4                  Momma, you gave me the world              

                                                            I wish you could hear people say

                                                            What you meant to them and how you remain

                                                            In their lives and their hearts to this day

Momma: Text
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