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Fast  Boat To Piraeus


Vs: 1            Riding over the sea with the breeze on a wave of the wind

                    The fast boat from Piraeus leaving the islands again

                    In this ancient mystery land, what will we find

                    This is my journey, come listen this voyage of mine


Vs: 2            Long has it been since my eyes last caught sight of land

                    A harbor or port to shelter a salty old hand

                    Breakers are sounding and the Pillars of Hercules stand

                    What would we find if we kept going on, on and on


Chorus: 1             Sail with me all of ye

                              Crusty old seekers

                              Thirsty for knowledge

                              Of wherein ye dwell

                              I am a sailor                           2: I am a sailor

                              And long have I traveled       And long have I traveled

                              The oceans of life                    The oceans of life

                              Their story to tell                    Their mystery to tell

                              (The mystery to tell) 

Inst:             As in Chorus

Vs: 3            Here in the Land of the Dead have we come to our goal

                    The story that we have to tell no mortal has told

                    Conquering demons in lands of which heroes have sung

                    Where we be going, this journey is always begun


Inst:  As in Chorus, Fade out

Fast Boat To Piraeus: Text
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