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It Might Not Feel Like Christmas

Intro: last two lines of vs.           


Vs: 1  It might not feel like Christmas this year

          You walked out with all the joy

          That gives the season cheer

          I hung your stocking by the fire with care

          In hopes that you would magically appear

 Vs: 2   I wonder, is it Christmas this year

          I trimmed the tree alone last night

          Pretending you were here

          If Santa really knows the way I feel

          He'll bring you home and make my Christmas real


 Chorus:      Visions of Christmas past

                    Dance in my head

                    Oh how I believed our love

                    Would never, ever end

Bridge:         Once upon a time we were happy

                     Living on a song and a smile

                     Christmas times have come and gone

                     I’ve loved you all the while

Vs: 3    A wish for Peace and Joy throughout the year

           Will live again inside my heart

           When I wake up to hear

           Your footsteps climbing my old front porch stair

           And open up the door to find you there

Outro:  Oh It might just feel like Christmas, this year

It Might Not Feel Like Christmas: Text
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