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Vs: 1            Brother, my brother, hey brother,

                    Play me a song

                    Pick your guitar wild and free

                    I could listen all night long

                    Make our hearts ascend with joy

                    Just a single city boy can

                    Turn a simple thought into a song

Vs: 2            Brother, my brother, hey brother,

                    You threw out a line

                    Thought you were a goner

                    But you came back every time

                    Fishy fishy in the sea

                    Come and bite my hook for me

                    Bite my hook and set our spirit free

Bridge:       Looking back, looking in

                   Time and trouble make me grin     

                   I wouldn’t have it any other way

                   Gramma says to me you boys be what you will be

                   Right now you guys just go on out and play

Vs: 3            Brother, my brother, hey brother,

                    Its all in your barn

                    Whatever you put there

                    Has a home sweet home

                    Raise the roof and pass the bar

                    Keep the home fire burning higher

                    You will hitch your tractor to a star

Brothers: Text
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